How to take screenshots in MacOS

The thing I missed most from Windows when I left it behind, was the Snipping Tool.

That baby was awesome to quickly take a screenshots and paste them in gmail, or whatever tool you needed.

When I was in Linux, I found shutter but, as everything in Linux, it was not pretty and not so easy to use.

After I arrived in MacOS, that is the first thing I looked for and, luckily, it was integrated into the operating system.

These is how you do it:

  • Save screenshot of entire screen as file in the desktop: Shift + Cmd + 3
  • Copy screenshot of entire screen to clipboard: Shift + Cmd + 3 + Ctrl
  • Save screenshot of window as file in the desktop: Shift + Cmd + 4 and then Space
  • Copy screenshot of window to clipboard: Shift + Cmd + 4 + Ctrl and then Space
  • Save screenshot of arbitrary area as file in the desktop*: Shift + Cmd + 4
  • Copy screenshot of arbitrary area to clipboard*: Shift + Cmd + 4 + Ctrl

*: This is the snipping tool behavior that is not present in Linux

As you probably also noted, the difference between saving as a file and copying to the clipboard in each case, is Ctrl

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